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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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welcome back, 4:30 is the time, we on follow a huge fire in santa claar e -- santa clara. just for traffic sake it is believed el camino real is blocked. there have been fighting this from all sides and above.
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this is on el camino real near the lawrence expressway. we want to check in with janine who is on the scene. it looks like they have a little bit of a handle on it. >> yes, i just spoke with the captain here on scene, he told me they are starting to get a handle on this fire, so it has not spread on any other buildings. he was feeling more positive in the last few minutes. you can see not as much fire is standing out there. even in a matter of 15 minutes the last time i hit the air, before you can see the signs on the strip mall, now they are gone. this fire started at 3:00 this morning, firefighters arrived on scene and this quickly grew, it seemed the fire was trapped
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behind what's called the mansur, where the signs were, it was acting as a fire tunnel. originally the firefighters were inside the building, but it got too dangerous, now they are attacking it from the outside. they have a ladder up, spraying water on one side of the building, it's an l shaped building. on the other side they have an engine, it seems firefighters are keeping a distance away from this. it looks like different parts of roof has collapsed. you can sigh the smoke from the freeway when we were on our way here. try to avoid this area of el camino east of lawrence expressway. they have both directions of el
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camino closed down. the crossroads would be el camino between pomeroy and lawrence expressway. they don't believe anyone was in the building. this fire happened when there was no businesses that were open. of course we don't have confirmation of that. this is an area where there's lots of strip malls and mom and pop shops. no residential homes are close by. they are continuing to put water on this and hoping to have it under control. a much better situation than 15 minutes ago. >> when you say mansur, is that the name of the indian restaurant. i was trying to look up the strip mall. >> you know, i'm looking, there's a restaurant called
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juju bean. mansur is what the fire captain called, i guess you call it the facade, on a strip mall where people place their signs to say this is the name of this business. where you put the sign, apparently is called a mansur, that was trapping the fire. zooming into the businesses across the street. for people who know the area get a better picture. >> that is part of the building, the building is an l shape. they are trying to save the part of the building where you see no fire. it's behind the aerial ladder. part of the l they have been able to save, the other part is destroyed.
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>> okay. that's hard to see. >> good news they were able to save the rest of the area. thank you for the update. >> this is el camino real, we want to check in with sal on the traffic in that area. it's going to be effected. at least it's early still. and earlier they were letting some traffic through on the opposite side of the street, they are not doing it now. it is shut down in both directions near the fire. traffic won't get through, you have to go on the side streets if you use el camino real. the lawrence expressway is getting through in both directions. please give yourself time in this area at lawrence expressway. i'm sorry el camino real
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near the lawrence expressway. let's look at the traffic elsewhere, we'll look at san mateo bridge westbound 92 heading to the highrise. no major problem here traffic continues time to look good. >> now let's go to steve for the forecast. >> well maybe. >> i'm here. just keep talking, thank you sal. we have low clouds and temperature on the cool side, stuck in the 50s, there's a big fog bank, this is one guy speaking here who's been doing this for a long time. you can get an idea on the fog bank, it is more in charge this year so far. we'll see if that holds, water temps that's the pattern we're
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in. there's a westerly breeze in place even with the low clouds. west at sfo. 52 to 57, 58, it's not going to change that much, because everybody says cloudy. you can see 50s for others, mill valley 54, napa 54, the low cloud deck is preventing us from cooling off more. the low responsible for yesterday's weather taking the turn more toward southern california, that should take more of that out of the area. sunny, breezy after the low clouds. a few showers could pop-up more toward the east and the south than here. 60s and mainly low 70s. i believe i'm going back to pam and brian. >> yes you are. we have other stories, the woman and child killed in a
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trash on train tracks have been identified. relatives say the driver of the suv hit by the train was 30- year-old vanessa henriquez and her 3-year-old daughter sady. the suv was hit at 1:30 yesterday afternoon. the rav4 was pushed down the tracks a quarter of a mile. relatives say she was devoted to her family. >> she was a loving mother. very responsible. she loved to be with her family. >> pg&e is looking into reports that traffic was heavy in that area because of work by its crews. they are asking who has video of the accident to contact them. san francisco police are treating the discovery of a
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man's body at a lake as a suspicious death. a gardner found the body yesterday morning. authorities drained the small lake to search for evidence. the area is a popular spot. >> it was a surprise a body find, it's creepy. >> sources tell us that the victim was involved in a brawl on monday and was assaulted by three men. the three suspects accused of killing a millbrae father will remain in jail until they appear in court next week. they are accused of killing keith green. lee and green have two young daughters. he was last seen alive at the pancake house. his body was found 12 days
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later in sonoma county. there's reports he was shot to death. all three suspects rely able. >> they -- liable. >> they can be liable even if they didn't pull the trigger. it doesn't require a separate charge. >> we feel we have proof that's why we moved forward. >> none of the suspects entered a plea and are held without bail. officials aren't saying who has custody of the girls light now. the search continues for three robber who's took weapons from a store in san carlos. sheriff deputies say the robbers slammed their car into the front winos and -- windows and stole guns and hunting supplies. there's no video because of concerns it would compromise
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the investigation. but a councilman was able to view the footage. >> i saw the video and saw the three people ram it and get out and come inside. it was a brief video, but it was impressive in a negative way. >> at this point authorities only have a vague description of the car. lawmakers are considering legislation to protect people who smash windows who save animals in hot cars. they showed support for the right to rescue bill. it was 90 degrees outside and the temperature was 108 degrees in the 21 minute experiment. it would allow good samaritans to smash windows to save pets but there's restrictions. >> this is not a license to break windows, it's an
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opportunity to use your sound judgment. you have to stay and wait until law enforcement arrives. >> several states including florida and tennessee have similar laws in place. kindergarteners will have a longer day in class. the school board voted to change schedules to all day starting this fall. the district has been experimenting with the longer format having half the class stay longer two days a week. >> full day kindergarten their attention pan improves. they have better social skills. >> some teachers and parents who oppose the plan signed a petition. they are happy with the current schedule. they are worried the quality of education may suffer. coming up, lowering fines
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for illegal turns. giving drivers a break and what the agency has to say about it. as the snow packs melt the bears are coming out and are a problem for homeowners. the warning coming from deputies after some newly released video. we're following the fire in santa clara, this is a strip mall, not far from lawrence expressway, it appears the firefighters are getting a handle on the fire. there's mutual aid to battle it. we'll continue to follow the story on mornings on two.
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. time is 4:45. we are following a fire in santa clara. this is a strip mall on el camino real. it appears a restaurant or two were affected in the fire. firefighters are calling for mutual aid to battle this fire, and traffic is busy stretch of commute for our folks in the south bay. let's go to sal and check on the traffic down from. el camino real is busy for the local traffic. the lawrence express way is not closed. you can see congestion in the area. the lawrence expressway is here, it's not closed. i can give you a better perspective where the area is. i'll put the icon back up here.
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the fire is in santa clara. the freeways around it and the expressway seems to be open. >> let's look at other things. 280 at the 880 interchange, traffic is not doing badly here. if you're driving on other commutes. this is 880 in oakland. it is off to a good start. we have a quiet start to the commute. 4:47. let's go to steve. we begin with low overcast. it's making a push for everybody. at least on the reporting station. the low clouds are there, they will be slow the burn, they will be they will be sunny and breezy, temperature below average. could be a few pop-up showers but the source is farther
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south. west, southwest at travis, west at napa. westerly breeze in place. that is the direction the wind is coming from. 50s on the temps. half moon bay is sleeping in. i'm sure they are in the 50s. brentwood 56, 52 novato. east bay temps, antioch down to 52. walnut creek all in there. 37 in truckee, light drizzle around ma'amthon mountain -- ma'am out mountain. you can sigh to paz lake south, that's where the showers are. that's the low, closer to us yesterday. now it takes a turn.
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we're on the northern edge of it. there's not much check today. not a barnburner, low clouds in place. sunny breezy, a few showers inland. staying cool. nothing wrong with staying cool. 60s and 70s on the temps. today looks like the last day of below average temps. they will start to warm up. we bump it up over the weekend. sunny, mild to warm. not that hot but warm. inland. if you're going the bottle rock. >> we'll be there. >> that's why i said that. >> we'll be live friday morning. >> it will be fun. >> hanging out with the band. >> i'm going search him out. >> the word has been put out to
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the man. >> he was in the pink section in the chronicle. >> he's awesome. he does yoga. >> there you go. it's 4:50 as the snow pack melts the bears are coming out, they are a problem for the homeowners. in one neighborhood bear sightings are an every day on corns. they are going through the garbage, trying to get into the garage, the cars into the homes. one family of bears ransacked a home, this is in el dorado county, until the deputies arrived to scare them off. >> mom was wanting to leave, the baby cubs can be stubborn, once they found the hobby pot. come on buddy. you have to get out of there.
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do not do that. deputies say after years of drought, bear run ins are more common. they are getting braver. the sheriff office gets five calls on some days on reports of bears. while president obama was in vietnam a woman said she was a rapper. the president asked her to 6 a few bars. >> in vietnamese [rapping] >> yeah. >> sounds good. the president asked her what the rap was about. she said people with money and big houses not being happy. the rapper goes by the stage name sue we and is vietnam's
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queen of hip-hop. a lot of rap is problems people are facing. she is good. 4:52 is the time. super bowl cities for the next few years have been announced. coming up, the three stadiums that will host the big game. it's a welcome site, water levels on the rise.
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. welcome back to the mornings on two. marin county approved a project for george lucas. the board of supervisors voted to allow lucas to convert 61,000 square feet of office space into 57 guest units. a few neighbors home owners expressed concern how much water that will use. he said it's not a hotel but will help with his projects. people are reservations at a campground may have to give up the camp sites to a pair of bald eagles. the eagles are nesting right next to union valley reservoir. they roped off 60 campsites to
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keep campers from disturbing them. >> we have a nesting pair near the water, they are nesting in sunset camp ground. they have chicks and they are taking care of them. >> the forest service said there's 800 camp sites in the district, there should be space to relocate. it could be mid-august before all are open. the busiest memorial day weekend in years. water levels are on the rise. folsom lake is at 86% capacity. that's expected to bring many to the spot in the sierra foothills. higher water levels have water managers releasing water. >> the water quality in the delta is defended by that water
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outflow, not releasing water you will have salt water coming into the bay. >> what's not clear is how long the releases will continue. it is coming up on the 5:00 hour, another shooting on an east bay freeway, we'll have the investigation underway and the hunt for the person that pulled the trigger. >> changes are coming to sanctuary city policy. if new guidelines when law enforcement can turnover suspects in the u.s. illegally. we're following breaking news out of the south way, this is a live look at a four-alarm fire from earlier. we'll bring you the latest after the break.
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. thank you for joining us, i'm pam cook. i'm dave clark. breaking news of a big fire. it's a strip mall. you are looking at live pictures, what's happening at this second. we understand el camino real is blocked because of the fire.
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crews have been battling this fire for a while. you can see the signs of the businesses, by 4:30 destroyed. let's check in with janine de la vega who's been on the scene all morning. >> we learned that in the last 30 minutes, the fire captain bumped up the fire to a five- alarm fire. they are hoping to get containment soon. flames are shooting out of the roof, they are shooting water at it. i count four hoses be two ladders trying to attack the fire from all directions. firefighters are trying to stay ahead of the fire. this building is in an l shape. they are hoping to save the other part of the l.


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